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5/4/2015 UPDATE: Added preface at the beginning and Inspiration at the end! added some thoughts on some other things I wanted to share.

Alright, so this is a comment and question I've been receiving a lot from people!
How did you improve so fast?

Firstly, I want to say I do not think of myself as a professional artist, teacher or someone who "knows the secret to becoming a master artist". These are just things that I have picked up over the years, and noticed so I thought I might as well share my experience with improvement in effort to help others find their own paths of improvement and learning as artists. There are still many things I have to learn, and wish to improve about my own art! The path of an artist is never ending, in my opinion!

I consider the beginning of my journey when I withdrew from college. I had decided to take a year off from school, to explore myself more as a person, gain confidence and rethink my path that I wanted to take in school. Of course, not being in school gave me a lot of spare time, which I ended up filling up with art. I drew when I was bored, drew when I was happy, angry and sad. It usually was just a way to do something I enjoyed. TDLR; I drew. A lot.

So here is a short (i tried to keep it brief...) list of some of the virtues, tips and things to consider if you want to improve your art;


drawing everyday
  1. Expanding your art scope
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice,
  3. Patience
  4. Criticism
  5. Challenge and push yourself
  6. Inspiration


I went back over this journal, and I realized that I wasn't emphasizing something that was supremely important in addition to the other things that I have said here. I figured that I would add this a preface because I think that before following any of the steps below, you must be willing to commit to this one thing: Drawing everyday. If you aren't willing to dedicate time everyday, or even a certain amount of time a week, don't expect to improve. The basics for developing and maintaining a skill reside in the ability to continuously practice it. yes, that means regularly. Ideally, everyday. Its a habit that you have to develop, and soon once you practice it enough, it becomes something second nature. Drawing everyday becomes a natural habit, like brushing your teeth before bed, or making your bed in the morning. And of course, the more you do it, the more you learn, and the faster you become.

In all honesty, I draw a lot everyday (mostly because right now I'm not in school, and the only obligation I have/had was my part time job which was 15-25 hours a week), so drawing everyday became a way for me to fill my time. Minimum, I'll draw 2 hours a day, where somedays I can draw up to 7 hours in a day. My improvement wasn't over night, it took me hours of practice and dedication. EVERYDAY!

If your goal is to become a professional in the art industry, don't expect to get there without putting in the time and dedication. There is no way to become an amazing talented artist over night.

I was once told to become a master of something, you must practice it for 10,000 hours. I believe it, to become a master of something, you really have to be willing to put in the time to study it and understand it.


What I mean by this is expose yourself to AS MUCH different art as you can. Look through different tags on tumblr, explore other art sites and exhibits at your school, local library, museums and so on. Personally I love going to art museums and looking at all the art pieces that have stood the test of time and proved to be masterpieces years, and decades after they were created. Not only that, but reading the descriptions of the pieces, looking at pieces that have taken months, even YEARS to create. The absolute patience and dedication of artists never ceases to amaze me! Take in everything you can, and learn to appreciate it in all its forms and mediums, you will learn A LOT from understand all the different styles and mediums. You may not believe it, but there are things you can learn from any and all artists!



haha, I'm sure you've heard THIS one before! But honestly, it is probably the best and most accurate advice that I can give you. It may be hard to motivate to get it done, but if you don't practice and do your best, how can you honestly expect to get any better? Improving your art does not magically happen over night, it does not happen if you wish it hard enough, nor does it happen if you just look at art, and theres no "cheating" like on any test. The only way to get better is by drawing as much as you can! Now understandably, you are in school, or at a job so the time dedicated to drawing is limited, but that's ok! Even if you can put 30m-1hr aside a day to draw or doodle, you will improve! It may take longer, but SCHOOL COMES FIRST! ahha, you have weekends and vacations to draw too! Make the most of your time, and understand that improving takes time, so you have to be patient.

Here are some exercises that have helped me in the past;

  • GESTURE DRAWING; yes, I know it may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it HELPS A LOT. TRUST ME!! Even if you just do this 15-30 minutes a day YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE!! I guarantee it!! Here are some awesome resources to get you started!
    Gesture drawing resource! <- this site has a whole bunch of different settings and options to choose from to draw gestures! School settings, or just regular settings. I love to use this one for practicing!

  • MIMICKING STYLE; Now hear me out before you all start to jump up and accuse me of HOW AWFUL IT IS TO COPY AND TRACE! I do not condone tracing or "style stealing"! Artists work hard on developing a style, characters, etc, please respect other artists! However, I do believe there is a lot to learn by mimicking a style on your own time. The way that most of us probably learned how to draw was by copying someone else's drawings. Whether it be from an anime that we first watched when we were young, a cartoon, or illustrated books, we all started it from somewhere. That's probably what inspired you to start drawing, right? Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative connotation and hounding of people who copy, that we are too afraid to do it in any way of the word and miss out on a lot of great learning!
   Here's what I mean: By drawing in another artists style, or even trying to recreate one of their pieces, we learn a lot about the techniques that they use, and even the perspective that they draw in! It could be a way that they use a brush tool differently, or how they proportion their anatomy, or any number of things! When we replicate these styles, we learn a lot more about ourselves as artists, and our preferences.
   NO I am not saying to copy an artists style completely and claim it as your own, but I am saying  that you can learn different techniques from artists in their style and implement it into your own style. Artists influence each other ALL the time, and thus we are constantly teaching each other new techniques and ways to understand art! There are ways to be influenced by an artist, and not 'steal' their style. 

The Copy-learning cycle
Look back to when you learnt to write your name.
For most of us, we first learnt this by someone writing it for us, and we then copied it. When you wrote your first blog post, I bet you copied a favourite post from another site. That doesn’t mean you cut and paste. Instead, you learnt the basics by copying the techniques, and then over time you changed them; and in the process, found out what happens when you do.
The difference between those who actually make it (in anything, not just blogging) and those who fail is the willingness to take the hard road. The easy road will eventually end because you’ll run out of things to copy-by-rote, which will either force you to learn, or force you to give up.
If you don’t make the effort to learn from your copying and starting to make your own interpretations, then you will undoubtedly fail. But once you’ve learnt the things necessary to start making your own blog a success, you must then start the creation process.

Combine, connect, modify
People learn from their own drive to improve, and their own expectation of themselves. To clarify, it’s not actually through the cloning or copying that you learn, it’s how you rework it so that the expression becomes your own, how it synthesizes your own ideas with the source.
That’s technically how you learn from copying.
Here’s where it gets most fascinating. From copying, you then begin to understand, and from understanding you then start to play and transform. You’ll connect and combine ideas, thoughts, styles, contents; transforming and fusing them into something new. Finally, to make sure you understand everything, you’ll try modifying. If the result of your modification meets with your expectations, then you have finally learned something.
So the process of learning and creating is: copy, understand, connect, combine and rework, then create your own reinterpretation (of what was once just an exercise in copying). 
These two excerpts were taken from the article written by Di Mace! I highly recommend reading the full article here.

  • DRAWING FROM OBSERVATION: You can learn SO MUCH from drawing from life. Understanding shadow and light, proportion and balance, even composition and structure! From drawing a landscape that is local to you, drawing the stuff on your desk and even YOURSELF. draw EVERYTHING. You can get no better reference than the reality that surrounds you!

  • OBSERVE: This is different from the bullet above. What I mean by observe, is watch art. Observe art that inspires you, watch youtube videos of other artists speed painting, live painting, and drawing! There are a lot of awesome resources on youtube that are only a few clicks away! 
  • Gagnon studio's painting videos; an awesome array of live painting sessions that have a bunch of really cool techniques! 
  • Syrca's speed sketches. These are WICKED cool to watch, definitely watch more of his stuff!
  • The last bath speedpaint This is a really cool speedpaint done in photoshop by Marc Brunet. Definitely worth a watch!



    This is, by far, the MOST important thing I have learned as an artist. Improving does not by any means happen overnight, and you should not expect it to. You may draw something a hundred times over and not be satisfied, but that is good believe it or not. Like many have said before me, you learn from your mistakes. Take pride in your successes, but never forget what you gain from your failures! Many are brought down by that, but it is the best thing you can do as an artist. 
One of the things I see most frequently among my friends and other artists, is that they will leave something they know is inadequate in a drawing, and won't fix it (for whatever their reason). But if you think you can do better, don't leave it there, prove to yourself that you can do better and keep trying until you feel like you can conquer the tough part of your drawing. Because 1) you'll learn from it and 2) you'll feel a lot better knowing that you worked your ass off doing your best, than just leaving it as a poor effort piece of work. 
Over the past years I messed up many times, and became frustrated with myself a lot, especially due to art block. The feeling where you think you are never going to get anywhere, but I promise that, that feeling goes away and you'll be glad that you pushed through it.

Regarding this topic, an excellent video by Sycra on Breaking through your art block.

I cannot stress the importance of patience as an artist! Granted patience is something that not all of us have, but do your best to be patient! Understand that things take time, and good comes to those who are patient.


    I know this is a lot of artists least favorite thing in the art world. Receiving negative criticism on something we worked hard on flat out sucks. Trust me, I know! I have definitely been there, haha. However, sometimes we just gotta bite the bullet and take it to do better. On almost all my pieces I ask my sisters opinion on them, and a LOT of the time she is able to pick up mistakes that I can't see while I'm drawing. 
This piece of advice I think varies per person, some people take it well, others not so well. Find the method that suits you best! Asking for feedback on Deviantart, from friends or family, or even forums elsewhere! There are lots of places to seek feedback, but it is the risk of what we are going to hear that prevents us. This is by far the scariest part of getting a critique. 

All I can tell you is that 1) dont take it personally. They are telling you what they are telling you to help you improve (though some may word it more gracefully than others. And know that there are jerks out there, but you can't let them get the better of you!) 2) Find someone you trust, this is probably the best person to get critiques from. Even if they may not be an expert at art, sometimes all you need is a pair of eyes other than your own.

Push and Challenge yourself.

    Go outside your comfort zone when you draw, attempt things that you perhaps won't succeed at the first time, but continue trying!! This is VERY IMPORTANT!! If you always stay within your comfort zone, you can't expect yourself to improve and get better! For example, the beginning of this year, I had NO idea how to draw men. Literally zero, they all looked like girls with flatter chests than usual. It was painful. BUT! I did not give up! Though I am definitely still learning, I have pushed myself to keep drawing them until it became more natural to me. 

Here's an article written by an art professor from the Rhode Island College of Design about pushing out of your comfort zone here. And Pushing yourself to the next level.


    While mastering the technical skills of drawing is important, it's also super important to follow what inspires you. The most beautiful thing about art is the freedom of expression you are given. Draw what YOU love. Not what you think will sell, or what you think you SHOULD be drawing. Art is all about personal interpretation, that is what makes it so beautiful. Seeing how each person interprets an idea, design, color, basically anything. Stay true to what you love, be honest with your art.

I want to end this journal by saying that ANYONE can be a great artist. All you need is the drive, patience and will to improve! I certainly wasn't born an artist, I have worked to improve and intend to keep working hard and learning to keep expanding my understanding as an artist. There is so much out there for you to learn, and I urge you to take these resources and expand outside of them and learn more! Keep practicing what you learn and continue to try new things to extend yourself!

Keep working hard and doing your best!!

Ill post an additional journal later with some of my favorite resources.

Please feel free to share this journal!! I hope that some may be able to find it useful
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bro-mance Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
A few(?) weeks ago, I came back on DA to start drawing again. So far I been trying to practice drawing everyday.
Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 
 I have a  couple of sketchbooks, I don't really fill it in. It just be in a couple pages and I gave up because the art are so terrible. I have a lack of imagination. Sometimes, I would blame my horrible drawings on the pencils I used but reality I know its not the pencils but me. Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] 

I think it's a good idea to expand the art scope. I really need to draw more on life observation. So thanks, yeah, I'll work on those.

I have yet seen improvement but as you said, it doesn't happen overnight. Llama Emoji-47 (Pretty Please) [V2] It's frustrating for me that I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Llama Emoji 33 (Down or Depressed) [V2] Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
But I got a good advice from chocovii: "Let go and let live and things will fall in place!" It's a good reminder that I should not hurry but to relax and continue practicing on drawing. 

But I don't want to give up. Llama Emoji 28 (Delicious) [V2]  I'm trying to draw things I like first before I go anywhere else. Lately I been into chibi drawings and corgi...
So I been reading up tutorials on how to draw them.

Thank you for taking your time to write this. (Even if this post was from 2013, its still good)
Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
Bellisaurus Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hahaha, I am laughing a little because I read halfway through this and had the sudden urge to draw; my fingers were literally itching! I share the same perspective on this and have also adviced others thusly, yet what hits me the most is how it's almost become an inprogramed mantra in my head, when everytime I feel a little stuck in my art, I immediately just start drawing even more. Page after page of just randomness to loosen up. Mostly while it is so, I am going through various speedpainting playlists.

It's wonderful how you have taken your time to write down all this, as it is in my opinion that all artists shall never forget that the road to learning comes through dedication.
Your written steps of how to approach it is very inspirational and I am sure it will help a lot/has helped a lot ^^

It's very resourcefull in text and links provided, and one is able to gain confidence from this as well.

Some words of appreciation from an aspiring artist <3
lPao Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
This rocks, omg. You rawk. :B
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
YOU rock!! Thanks!
BlackMonkeyManga Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Love Ur Journal. Thx
Seiya-Fantasy Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I completely agree with the idea of copying to help yourself understand drawing better. After all, if the great masters like Leonardo di Vinci and Donatello copied the works of the masters before them. Thanks so much for the encouragement! :D
delta-why Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
thank you for writing this! i really love reading inspirational posts like that. it makes me want to pick up my pencil and draw immediately! i also love your enthusiastic way of writing in this post XD really inspiring! what you said about drawing everyday to make it a natural habit makes me realize that i should make an effort to draw everyday seriously. i agree with every single thing you in the part about patience. so true!!

also can i add that i looked at your improvement meme and your improvement is sososo amazing!
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
wow thank you so much!! I really love reading posts similar to that too, so im very glad that you found my piece motivational and inspiring!!
Making drawing a daily habit is probably the biggest and most important part of improving!

And thank you for the compliment ;v; <3 drawing everyday has made a big difference for me!
delta-why Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
you're very welcome! <3 :iconsmile-luplz:
now i know what to read when i need inspiration!!
keep inspiring!~ ^_^
Pixiescout Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
This was a very nice journal and thank you so much for sharing this c:
And for the links- this journal must have taken quite a long time
Very inspirational~
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
its my pleasure! I really enjoy writing stuff like this *v*
Thank you so much for reading!
Sunny-Noodle Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student General Artist
I really love it when you post art advice journals like this. They're always so helpful and so positive as well.
Especially as someone who experienced comics school the hard way, I'm glad you laid down a lot of important points.
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Im happy you think so!!
Im glad that you enjoy them ;v;
Nomakai Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow thanks so much for posting this
britane Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for posting this, I'm definitely going to us your advice on gestures.  I often find myself wanting to draw very advanced things even though I'm just beginning- and I think the motion of the picture is really important.  Time to practice practice practice! 
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
absolutely!  Don't be afraid to try those advanced things, even if you may not succeed the first time, you'll learn a lot about the process even just trying it!
britane Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes!  I stopped drawing for 12 years and only recently picked it back up; the best thing I did for myself was decide that it was okay if I 'failed' or things didn't come out right the first time.  I am definitely going to keep learning and experimenting!
cupcake-dedenne Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh thank you!!! i'm going to draw right now!! :happybounce: Clap I am a dummy! :D (Big Grin)  
verypinkmelon Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah thank you for taking the time to make this! You really got me in a drawing mood ^^
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
hooray! Mission accomplished *7*
Sollue Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This journal made me really happy to read. 
For a while now, I feel like, I have been stuck in my learning process as an artist. I have lived in my comfort drawing zone waaaay to long, that's why I appreciate these golden words of yours and all the useful links! I should probably start practicing some more hahah (;

Like lots of other artists I have been impatient and lived in the thought that I would improve over the night, however that's not how the world works, unfortunately hahaha c: Thank you for using your time to write this journal, it has really opened my eyes and from now on I will kick myself in the butt to improve even more! 
Thank you Bun for these well written words!
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
Im happy you enjoyed it!! I totally understand, I think for a long time I was stuck in a rut and didnt really know how to push myself. Though through trying out different things I've learned a lot about myself and how I learn! I know that everyone has a different way they do it, but I'm happy that my experience could be helpful to others!!

And its my pleasure! I love to write, ahaha! Thank you very much for reading! Good luck on your improvement!
SilverLolitaGirl Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know the feeling of not being able to draw men well... I couldn't draw men worth Nything last year but this year I finally asked for some help from my good friend Jasmine and she led me threw her process I learned her method but I made it my own with my own style. Now I'm not the best and I define toy feel more comfortable with women then males but Im getting out of my comfort zone and starting to draw more of them
xongs Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i like ur pictures... 
k-arashi Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013   Digital Artist
Wow this is amazing and so thorough and well-written! Thanks very much for sharing this with other artists, it must have took a lot of work! :hug: I agree with all the points you mentioned and especially the part where you say to go out of your comfort zone. I find (speaking from experience) you improve more if you are always experimenting and trying out new things that are not within your own usual abilities ^^

I also think the more somebody enjoys what they are doing, they will be more persistent with it and if they continue to do a ton of hard work and research they'll definately reach their goals in no time~! (:
But it also depends on how far people want to go with their art! ^^
And yup, learning from other artists is also a valuable resource!

I absolutely loooove gesture drawing and I was so happy to see you mentioned it here <333
Thanks again, I very much enjoyed reading this! ^^ You definitely have created something that I will always want to continue returning to! Because it is so useful and filled with a gold mine of information! ;u;
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Oh gosh, thank you so much!! Yeah, I am very happy that I love art so much that I unrelentingly persist to draw things that challenge me and am always looking for ways to expand my art knowledge and skill. There is SO much to learn, and when you learn a skill that you can add to your library of knowledge its an AWESOME feeling!! I guess its my thirst of art knowledge that has allowed me to come this far xD
Of course, for each person they may not want to necessarily become a professional or make money of it, and each direction of art requires a different path, this is just the one im taking because I would love to take my art professionally.

oh yeah absolutely!! I think that gesture drawing in this community is undervalued, and it really is something that has taught me a lot about drawing figures and proportions. I think that everyone could learn something from doing it semi regularly! Even if its not everyday but a few times a week. its an awesome habit to get into.

Im so glad you could take so much from this! I really enjoyed writing it so Im happy that others are able to find it useful.
Thank you very much for reading it!
Chrisbobomb Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful Journal. :)
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Thank you!
Chrisbobomb Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
AstroAnemone Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's good to finally see an artist suggesting people draw from reality (besides Yuumei that is). I've mostly seen people say to mimic an artist's style, or just try new things, but never to draw from reality. It's also interesting to see you say to get out of your comfort zone. Again, I don't see that very often. 
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Yes! Theres a lot of different takes on it I suppose, and each artist will have their own opinion on the matter. But personally I find that drawing from reality, as challenging and frustrating as it can be, is a great way to learn about not just proportions, but lighting, composition and just everything! And getting out of your comfort zone really expands your risk when drawing, which when you try something that you wouldnt normally, you may be surprisingly pleased with the results!
MAYGUSTA Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Critique - my lord. People hate it sooo much. Most critics are only trying to help, but sooo many artists take it SO personally. If I critique someone (especially someone who has ASKED for it), I'm not doing it to be mean. If I was going to be mean... well... why would I even be mean? I have far more pressing issues LOL.
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
There are some artists who are veerryy sensitive on the matter (understandably, I know that some take their art very personally and see the critique as a personal attack rather than improvement, but I think honestly thats the minority of critique-ers) I think that normally people are generally very kind about giving critique, and there is a lot to learn and improve upon when you receive it. But you're very right~ I think that the majority of people giving a critique just want to help the artist, not attack them, and its unfortunate that many see it that way :c
Nyricanjr Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very inspirational, and you point out the things that seem to be most important. Thank you, I'll try to keep this on my head from now on
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Thank you!! Im glad that you were able to take something from it!
Best of luck!
endless-spirit Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013   Traditional Artist
Thank you. I am browsing the links now.
Arii-tan Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you !!
Ren-chii Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i think this journal was well written. you were able to help me mentally which I am very grateful for. hehe.....arigoto!
YKajitaka Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I needed this.  =w=  I would ask my mom for advice on my art, but she's a Pisces.  They avoid conflict, and she hates trying to critique my work because she worries so much about overdoing it (and rather, doesn't critique enough when I finally drag it out of her).  I started making my New Year's Resolution in November, about what to improve on my art, and this just motivates me even more~!  :la:

//gesture drawing needs to be my new bff dammit  :iconcryforeverplz:
I-lovefood Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
drawing gestures stuff really work? i tried it once but i couldn't get anything right and everything looked weird and i couldn't finish or get a good stick figure within 30 seconds. 
MAYGUSTA Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The more you do it, the better you'll get at it. Gesture drawing is a really specific skill that helps your general drawing skills, but it is reaaaaally tough to get into at the beginning - especially if you're used to drawing poses straight from imagination. Gesture drawing can help imagination-poses come out smoother, to be honest, but it can be a bit of shock when you start. Just keep at it and I'm sure you'll get there!
I-lovefood Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
true that. i've been doing it for 30 mins for a week and a half. it's just hard x'D i'm going to try doing 90 secs instead of 30 and i'll move on from there 
Meirii Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
glad to hear gesture drawing is part of your routine now u//v//u !!
toratetsu Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
Thank you so much for this! ;v; 
TinkerOfTwillight Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am definitely going to take this to heart XD Thank you so much for sharing this!your awe-inspiring journal really have has motivated again to try hard to learn!
Hikkicchi Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist
This is one of the finest 'how to improve as an artist' articles I've ever read. You've done a fantastic job and I enjoyed reading it immensely! Furthermore, I will be going over these same steps with myself to make sure I'm following them properly.

Personally, I do a lot of style mimicking. Part of it is because I love it. I love being able to recreate a style that I love to the point that it could be mistaken for the original work! It's a well won challenge and an inspiration to myself. I've grown a lot of confidence and technique understanding from style mimicking. Like the freelance artist, I find myself doing the same thing. I'm always looking for something new to do.

My official own style is still incomplete and may be for years to come. There are techniques that I need to learn and understanding that I need to have before I can finish it. Another thing that I'd like to add is that I do not think I will ever have only one. I would rather have at least three over just one. That might be crazy, but it just may be what I settle on or need in the end. And that's not even touching on what class those styles would fit in. I'd love to have a few anime, CG, and realism styles one day.

Again, excellent article! <333
Steamed-Bun Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Thank you very much!!! Im so glad that you've enjoyed it! I honestly really enjoy writing stuff like this (though I dont always feel qualified, as Im not necessarily a professional or a teacher, but I think that theres always something to be gained from hearing another artists perspective)

And I definitely know what you mean! I think the ability to fully mimick a style is really amazing, takes a lot of practice and the ability to understand techniques and skills other artists use. its always fun to find new things to incorporate into your own art, and this is an awesome way to do it! 

YEAH! No I totally agree!! I think that its near impossible to limit yourself to just one style, there are so many different faces of digital art, realism, western, eastern, and while it definitely takes time to master each of those, having the knowledge and ability to draw in a range of styles is incredibly useful not only as a freelancer but in general! Im not sure where I want to go with my art, but I know that I would like to take the ability of having a variation of styles rather than just one whatever way I go.

Thank you again <3!
TsuyuAmaya Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is awesome!I wanna draw now haha.Thanks!
kura-ou Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for taking your time to write this ^^
aoiitsuki Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much ;A; omg
I will check out all of those links you posted in the morning! <3
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